The Bar Lebensstern


The bar "Lebensstern" is situated in Schöneberg, a thriving district of Berlin known for its multitude of classy venues and cosmopolitan crowd. Lounging on the first floor of the villa housing the famous "Café Einstein",  its interior pays homage to the roaring twenties, when the place was an illegal gambling casino for Berlin's haute-volée.

You'll find the best classical cocktails here and variations of modern creations - all made with the greatest sophistication and best liquors, the latter of which the bar boasts a seemingly endless range to choose from: 1,800 different spirits in total (800 kinds of rum, 200 kinds of gin) - and of course the honed knowledge to work with them.

The bar is a meeting place for an international crowd of artists, connoisseurs, politicians and Berlin's multitude of drinking enthusiasts, Quentin Tarantino filmed his movie "Inglorious Basterds" here and the bar staff will gladly provide you with more history and information when their attention isn't focused on furnishing you with just the right drink for your mood.

Our team will gladly navigate you through the evening and are looking forward to your visit. Of course, you can also exclusively rent the whole joint for your private or corporate function. 

Open hours: Monday - Saturday from 7 pm. Closed on sundays for the summer.
Reservations: +49-30-263 91 922